Call for Royal Commission into Climate Change

Rod McGarvie and Family First Queensland call for a Royal Commission into Climate Change

Rod McGarvie the lead senate candidate for the Family First Party in Queensland says, “There is a need for a Royal Commission into the Climate Change Movement, with terms of reference that would examine;

  • The broad range of scientific data and arguments on the major points of contention
  • Whether the BOM and CSIRO have allowed political agendas to compromise scientific rigor and integrity
  • Whether there was a distorting of scientific enquiry due to government research grant funding application processes
  • Whether the national broadcaster failed to adequately explore and present the full range of scientific arguments in the climate debate
  • Whether organisations (global warming focused) with tax deductibility status in Australia have acted against the national interest”

“Restoring the balance to the climate debate is critical. Debate has become unhinged and appears to be driven by a religious fanaticism more than science and common sense. Every Australian wants less choking pollutants going into our atmosphere and our waterways. Environmental spending should be focused on reducing the real toxic pollutants and not on some false CO2 bogeyman.”

Restore the Balance Climate Change video clip

 “We cannot allow fear or misinformation to drive public policy, undermine our sovereignty, or harm the economy. A Royal Commission would help restore the balance to a debate that long ago ran off the rails”.

“An increased representation of Family First senators joining Senator Bob Day in the federal parliament will give greater opportunity for the government of the day to pass good fiscal, social and environmental policy,” says Mr. McGarvie