Brisbane Independent Schools

While independent schools share many common traits yet each of those schools is diverse from the other. These are schools which can actually cater to a student’s individual needs. There are many independent schools and you are bound to find one which would be ideal for your child.

What is unique about Brisbane independent schools?

All independent schools compromise of a board of trustees, these do not have a public school board. The main support income comes from private tuitions, charitable funds and endowment revenue.

There is independence in every sense for an independent school. The teachers have the freedom to design curriculum based on a child’s individual requirements. They do not have to follow a set of books or curriculum suggested by government educational bodies.

It doesn’t matter whether the Brisbane independent school is coed, single sex, whether a day school or a boarding school, each school has its own unique educational philosophy. A set of values which they believe in. This is one of the reason why independent schools are popular. You can find just about one which is best suited for your child’s educational and developmental needs.

Another benefit of an independent school is that there is a strong focus on developing each child’s unique potential. Students are encouraged to explore their educational curiosity. Plus the focus on academics is such that it instills a lifelong passion for learning in students.

Also students are encouraged to take up at least one or two advanced learning programs. This way a child can focus on subjects which they find interesting. Plus the teachers try to impart knowledge in such a way that the child excels on an academic basis.

The ratio of student to teacher is low as well. The classes are relatively smaller. This means that every student gets the kind of attention which they require. This builds a closer connection between the students and the teachers. Children find it easier to share their ideas. Plus if they are finding themselves struggling in a particular subject, they feel comfortable enough to mention it to their teacher.

Also the teachers at an independent schools are those who teach in their chosen specialised disciplines only. For example if a teacher is an expert in linguistics you can expect them to be teaching language sciences at an independent school. The same goes for all other subjects. Since the teachers are mater of their subjects they are able to teach the students in the best possible way.

The focus of independent schools is to allow students from all strata of life to enrol in their unique programs. The diverse culture of an independent school foster understanding, acceptance and love for diversity in students at a very early age. They learn to be tolerant to differences and accept their peers without questioning.

With so many benefits of independent schools in Brisbane, it’s no wonder, all savvy parents want their children to be enrolled in one.

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