Brexit - great opportunity for Australia - UK relationship

The grass-roots public support in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and reclaim their sovereignty is a great opportunity for Australia to promote an Australia-Britain, and potentially a Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement.

Rod McGarvie, Family First Senate Candidate wholeheartedly agrees with Senator Bob Day’s comment, “What better way to welcome the UK back to the broader family of sovereign nations free of the European Union strangulation, than to expand our historic Commonwealth ties through the largest trade deal in human history?”

“Queensland should look to engage more closely with the UK for migration, defence, tourism, farm exports, financial services, trade and many other economic benefits that will have a mutually beneficial impact on both our economies.”, Mr McGarvie said.

“We welcome a more independent Britain with open arms and can do more than just soften the blow, but help Britain be better off than it was in Europe. Europe will try and punish Britain with tariffs – British goods would be welcome here, and they could do with Australian goods, like our top-grade food produce.

Global financial markets will panic at first because France and other nations could follow, and the whole centralist EU experiment could collapse. I assure you, it will all settle down as the world adjusts to greater national sovereignty.”

“A Commonwealth FTA has many benefits: the nations’ shared Westminster tradition of strong institutions such as parliaments, courts and the rule of law; government stability; lack of sovereign risk; common heritage and use of the English language.”

“The stepping stone to such a FTA could be the imminent direct deal between Australia and India, which Family First wants concluded urgently.”

Rod McGarvie, Family First Senate Candidate