All of Queensland Should Benefit from Olympic Bid

With the Southeast Queensland Council of Mayors currently working on a feasibility study for a possible bid for the 2028 Olympics, it’s timely that we consider how the rest of Queensland could also benefit from this bid.

With much of regional Queensland currently struggling to provide enough employment for their populations, we need to be looking to North Queensland and regional Queensland as more than just stopover destinations for potential Olympic tourists.

The Sydney 2000 Olympics saw football played in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Olympic football played in the yet to be built new Townsville Stadium, or in an NRL standard stadium in Rockhampton?

In 2014, Cairns showed its ability to hold world class sporting events when it hosted the Mountain Bike World Cup. Why shouldn’t Cairns be the Olympic mountain biking host proposed for 2028?

Whilst we may not be able to go so far as to incorporate the Birdsville Races or a thong throwing contest into the Olympic schedule, regional Queensland has an abundance of potential for event venues.

If we’re serious about bidding for one of the biggest sporting events in the world, let’s ensure our whole state benefits, not just the south-east.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate, Family First Qld

20th April 2016