About us

Family First, or to use its full legal term ‘Family First Party Australia Ltd’, is a mainstream political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC). Family First currently has two members in the South Australian parliament, Hon Dennis Hood MLC and Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC, and one member in Federal parliament.

Party Objectives

The objectives of Family First are:

  • To be an eligible political party within the meaning of the Commonwealth Electoral Act for the purpose of nominating and endorsing candidates for election to Federal and State Parliaments so as to advance the aims of the Party.

  • To prepare, promote and support legislation which will result in the health, wellbeing, welfare, safety and unity of families in Australia.

  • To oppose legislation that would impact negatively upon families.

  • To promote and encourage community support for the education and provision of assistance to reduce the impact of family breakdown in Australia.

Party History

Many great organisations and political movements (the abolition of slavery, the civil rights movement, public education, health, aged care organisations etc), started in a church. Motivated by a sense of concern for others, people of goodwill established schools, hospitals, welfare agencies and many other lasting endeavours. Family First began the same way.

And as you no longer have to be a member of a particular denomination to be admitted to these hospitals, schools or retirement villages, so it is with Family First. Family First is independent of any church or denomination. In the above examples the focus is on the best medicine, the best education, the best aged care. In other words, excellence, integrity and respect.

Family First works on the same principles.

Like so many other Australian institutions, at Family First our Christian heritage is something we are both proud of and grateful for.