35,000 owner-driver trucking businesses run off the road

It’s time for the Prime Minister to stop procrastinating and make his first nationally significant decision as a leader, by repealing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

Through this body the government dictates what self-employed small-business owners must charge for their services, then threatens to fine the customers up to $54,000 for non-compliance. Perversely, medium and large trucking firms that have no family relationship connections don’t have to charge these rates. This is a blatant attack on owner-drivers and small business owners.

We are a free enterprise market economy, not some dodgy socialist backwater. This is an ugly stitch up by Labor and the TWU to gain more power and control, packaged under the false premise that it is about improving road safety. The RSRT must be repealed.

Family First will always stand up for small business and calls on the government to show some moral courage and act now.