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he National Association of Social Action, ANAS, was established in 2007 by a Consortium of cultural and sporting associations, strongly motivated and aware of the need for a concrete and substantial commitment in the social sphere.

Founding members:

  • Amateur Sports Association Symposium
  • Ebla Sports and Cultural Association
  • Logos Cultural Association
  • Amateur and Amateur Cultural Association Iana.

The Association has its registered office in Palermo in Veronica Gambara n. 6 and today counts as many as 400 offices spread throughout the national territory (through regional, provincial and zonal presidencies).

The Association, since its foundation, has distinguished itself for its strong commitment in the social field, with actions of support and support at 360 ° to all those who live in conditions of hardship.

What my trainees say

"I just came back from my 5-months Erasmus Mobility in Trenčin." I chose Trenčin to come and visit the European countries. felt like a pioneer. Most of my friends are still convinced That I was in Slovenia or the Czech Republic. No surprise ... for many people, Slovakia only exists on the map, if any. What a mistake!
Cecile Emeke
Slovakia is a beautiful country, very rich in nature. Economically it is less advantaged than Italy but very rich in humanity. The good side of it is that which is going to be very low if compared to Italy, which makes traveling very affordable. Slovakia is also called "the country of castles", guess why? Most towns have a castle that tells their own story.
Keith Stanfield
In Trenčin, you can find everything you need for a modern university, with a gym, a bar, a canteen, a library, some study rooms and much more in. Erasmus students benefit (just like "local" students) from the ISIC card, that gives a lot of advantages !!
Griffin Freeman
The Erasmus office staff was kind and helpful: all the documents were timely delivered, which eases the life of foreign students. Moreover, all my classes were taught in English, and when they were students speaking only Slovak, we had mixed lessons in both languages.
Myra Lucretia

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Standard Kindergarten Curriculum

Parents are naturally curious to know the standard kindergarten curriculum when their children transition to it. However, there are some required skills a child must have for him/her to be allowed in kindergarten.

For instance, performing tasks requiring the use of fine motor skills, reciting the whole alphabet without skipping, and counting up to 100 are the typical entrance for kindergarten requirements.

If you feel your child is ready to start kindergarten, what is its standard curriculum?

Kindergarten is the first formal schooling a child undergoes after early childhood learning. The skills children acquire in an early childhood education centre will make the adjustment to kindergarten seamless and trouble-free.

Kindergarten’s curriculum is a step above early childhood education. The standard kindergarten curriculum includes:

Math Skills

Counting the numbers in sequence and knowing the names of the numbers are the math skills learned by children enrolled in kindergarten. Becoming familiar with odd numbers such as 11-19 is learned as well. An introduction to simple geometry starts in kindergarten. This allows children to name and recognise shapes to include squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles.

Addition concepts or adding to or putting together as well as subtraction or taking from or taking apart are the math skills taught in kindergarten. Children begin to understand the concept of adding and subtracting numbers by learning to count objects.

Language Arts Skills

Children learn to use words before kindergarten. This learning and use of words came from being read to or heard in conversations. In kindergarten, learning and using familiar words is taken a notch higher.

The advanced language arts skills learned by children in kindergarten make them use understandable and structured speech. The basic punctuation and structure of a simple sentence is another skill learned in kindergarten.

Children will get to know that the periods, exclamation points, and questions end a sentence.  Capitalising the first word in a sentence is another skill taught in kindergarten. Printing upper and lower-case letters are taught and encouraged to kindergartners.

The proper use of “how”, “where”, “what”, “why”, “who” question words are taught as well. Adding “es” or “s” to make words plural is learned along with familiarity with using common prepositions and nouns.

Children learn to read in kindergarten. Parents supplying age-appropriate books to their children during this time are highly encouraged and recommended. There will also come a time when a kindergartner learning to read will read out loud to their parents at home.

Other essential skills

The main focus of kindergarten is language arts and math. However, a good kindergarten will also add in some essential learning skills such as physical education, science, health and safety, social science, music, and art.

Being kind to other people, waiting to be called, taking turns, and sharing are some of the important socialisation skills emphasized in kindergarten.

By the end of kindergarten, the math and language learning activities equip a child to seamlessly transition to the 1st grade. A child achieves a positive attitude and confidence when his/her skills are on the same level as that of peers.

Contacting the school of choice is the best way for parents to know whether their children are ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten screening is typically done by private, parochial, or public schools for them to determine whether a child is ready for kindergarten. Sippy Downs newest child care centre to open shortly, so get ready to check them out.

Tips for hiring a professional for newborn photography in Melbourne

One of the most memorable moments for all the parents in Melbourne is when they are welcoming their newborns in the world and into their lives. For this reason, every parent would want to create some memories about the things that they did to welcome their newborns so that when they grow old, they can have a history of past activities.  For this reason,  to ensure that you have created the best memories, you must ensure that you select the best photographers for newborn photography.


As a parent, you would want to show your child as they grow older how you held them passionately in your hands after they were born. Selecting the newborn photographer is not an easy task for many people, especially if it is the first time for them to hire experts for the newborn photography sessions. However, you must get the best out of the photographers that you hire, but only if you choose them wisely. There are several tips that you can use when you are selecting professionals for newborn photography. The following are some of the tips that you can apply so that you can ease your selection of the photographers who will be capturing your moments in the newborn photography sessions.

1. Select the photographers before you deliver your baby.

One of the most important things that you must do when you are planning to have a newborn photography session is to find the photographers before you the baby is born. This is because there is a lot of time to make the selection before the baby is born, unlike after the baby is born.  The other thing is that although there are so many newborn photographers in Melbourne,  you may be inconvenienced when you need them because they are always booked. This is why you need to find them before the baby is born so that you can book them in advance.

2. Consider the safety of your newborn.

As a parent, you must be very much concerned about the safety of your newborn. For this reason, when you are looking for an expert in newborn photography, you must consider the safety of your child.  This means that the photographer you hire must be capable of handling your child during the photography session, and they must be people that you can trust.

3. Find out the charges.

You cannot hire a photographer for a newborn photography session if you do not know the amount of money that you are likely to pay. For this reason, you must find out the amount of money that you will be charged for the photos you get. Ensure that you do not hire an inexperienced and untrained photographer because they are cheap. Be ready to pay more for an experienced and trained photographer.

4. Decide on the type of photos you need.

Different parents will choose to have different photos of their newborns. For instance, some will choose to have photo wall art, while others will choose digital photos. You must ensure that you have made your decision before you hire photographers.

5. Find out whether the photographer specialises in newborn photography.

Some people think that any photographer can take newborn photographs. However, you ensure that before you hire a photographer you need, you must start by finding out whether they specialised newborn photography in Melbourne. This will assure you of better services.



Advantages of Clayton Daycare for Young Children

In today’s setting, getting by financially means both parents need to work. In Clayton, Clayton daycare has become a necessity for both working and single parents with young children.

It is a stressful situation for working parents not to be able to take care of their children. While companies are trying to integrate daycare centres in the workplace, not all do.

Daycare centres offer a viable solution for working parents with young children.

A lot of studies have discovered that the daycare environment benefits infants, toddlers, and children ranging from ages 6 months to four years. The foremost advantages daycare centres offer to young children includes:


Structured activities and schedule

Daycare centres provide structured activities and schedules to babies and young children. Singing songs and storytelling are activities included in toddlers’ schedule to help in their intellectual development. Parents have found the advantage of the structured environment provided by daycare centres. The slate of activities that fill the entire day of toddlers to include napping, playing, and eating make them behave less erratically at the end of the day.


Academic learning

Multiple studies have discovered that children spending their formative years at good quality daycare centres achieve higher academic and cognitive advantages as teens. Daycare centres that provide cognitive-boosting activities and support and extensive interaction with staff are defined by the studies as high-quality ones.


Social interaction with their peers

Parents that stay home to take care of their kids always values the regular play schedules they arrange with neighbours and families having kids the same age as theirs. Social interaction with peers of similar age is provided by daycare centres. And the structured setting of daycares provides the best way for kids to learn and play together. This develops the social skills of young children like no other.

Social interaction with other adults

Senior members of the family and parents are the adult interaction young children are exposed to. Interacting with other adults is provided by daycare centres. This exposure to other adults provides a positive impact on children. The positive responses of adult care providers to the children in daycare centres foster a positive attitude.


Seamless transition to Kindergarten

Formal schooling adjustment becomes seamless after a child has been exposed to the structured environment of daycare centres. The active participation of parents in the daycare period of their kids also tends to become extended during their formal schooling. This extended active interest of parents benefits not only themselves but their kids as well.


Long-term benefits for parents

Parents dropping off their kids in daycare centres tend to form a social clique even when they are often in a rush. Good daycare centres make it a point to encourage parents to participate actively in the care of their kids. This includes taking time to attend social meetings or field trips. These kinds of activities encourage parents to socialise with their counterparts as well.

Daycare centres do this because of the long-term positive benefits gained by parents in socially interacting with other parents. Talking to their fellow parents creates a feeling of community among them, helping them to experience lower levels of depression.

The choice of a daycare centre for their kids can be a tremendously stressful time for parents. However, the multiple and long-term benefits provided by Nola Dee Daycare in Clayton to young children far outweigh the initial anxiety.





North Lakes Child Care: Qualities a child care worker should possess

The responsibility of a child care worker is to look after children who are left in their care while their parents are away. They are expected to care for all the basic needs of a child from bathing to feeding them. In case of older children a care worker is supposed to help them develop basic language and mathematical skills as well.

The following are a few duties of a child care worker:

  • They take care of the children and safeguard them
  • Organize meal times for children by preparing age appropriate meals and snacks
  • Take care of the child’s hygiene and encourage older children and assist them to learn all the basics of cleanliness
  • Change diapers for infants and toddlers
  • Plan activities based on the curriculum appropriate for very young children
  • Allow children to develop their potential by giving them a free hand when it comes to exploring their creativity or talking about new ideas. A child care worker allows children to share their thoughts and idea in a group or with their peers and provide gentle encouragement.
  • They are also responsible for helping children ease into the usual routine of the day care. Children are given time to play, eat and nap when required. While some children adapt to thee easily, sometimes extra attention needs to be given to children who might face difficulty following the usual routine.
  • Analyze the child’s behavior and bring it to the parents notice if they observe a problem
  • Keep a track record of the child’s routine and their progress and discuss it with the parents on timely intervals.

Childcare workers are responsible for caring for babies as well as toddlers and older children. A worker is assigned to one group of children of a similar age. This helps them to keep the children engaged more easily. They share stories and read out loud from picture book. All these activities help stimulate the child’s cognitive abilities and has a positive impact on their learning curve. Research has proved that babies as young as six months respond favorably to being read out aloud.

They also help preschool aged children prepare for their transition into kindergarten by teaching them from a set curriculum. They use special technique to encourage children to engage in learning. They may make use of storytelling, props, pretend play and basic activities to help children recognize alphabet sound and learn their numbers.

For children who attend child care after school, a child care worker becomes a facilitator someone who helps them with their homework and help indulge them in after school activities like practicing sports etc.

People who are generally compassionate in nature and love working with children can find themselves enjoying a rewarding career in child care. They should have the patience and understanding which is required when it comes to handling children and managing their temperament. The child care in North lakes ensure that they employee nurturing and caring individuals to look after the children.

As a parent, looking into North Lakes childcare options should be your top priority. Spend ample time determining where to send your child by paying potential child care centres a visit and observing how the child care worker handles kids.


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